How to make a website last

In this modern day and age, almost everyone has an online presence. Furthermore, most people have worked on or have had their own website at one point or another. But many sites are built with excitement and love only to find that they don’t get the response that they desired. Because of this, people begin to resent the amount of time and money put into a site and will eventually shut it down. Having said this, there are many other sites that have been around for decades now and that are still thriving. So, what are the differences here? What makes one website successful and another one unsuccessful? Let’s explore.

It is important to be consistent and to stick with it

Those who have run sites for a long time will agree that consistency is key. Many worry too much about the quality of the content they are putting out and will wait until everything is perfect. What people actually want is trust and they are more likely to trust a website if they know that new content is going to be coming out each week (as an example). From an SEO viewpoint, consistent content is also important. The more blog posts there are on a site the more likely it is for that site to show up in search engine results.

Consider the costs involved

Many people jump into making their own site without thinking about the costs that are involved, or they assume that they will make their money back right away. This certainly isn’t the case and many successful websites take years before they become successful. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the costs of renewing the domain each year can be covered, the subscription costs can be covered, and any graphic designers or SEO professionals hired can be paid for. For this reason, many people will work full-time or part-time until their blog or site can take off.

It is important to be passionate

In order to have the patience and motivation to make a site last, it must be a topic that someone is passionate about. For example, for someone who doesn’t wear much jewellery, it would be a waste of time for them to try to build a successful jewellery store. It can be a gruelling task when constantly creating content to put out into the world, so passion must be there to make it last.