What is involved in creating a website?

When it comes time to making a website, many people are unsure of what is involved. They are unsure of the costs, the effort required as well as anything else that may be needed. While it can take a second to get a great site up and running, there are certainly many benefits to doing this. A site is basically like a big resume. It is an online place where people can visit to get a better idea of a brand or person.

They get to interreact and feel like they are apart of something. This interaction can be achieved by posting regular blog articles, by having an option to sign up to a newsletter, or by having lots of different pages for people to explore. Having a website is also a great SEO method.

When somebody Googles something related to that brand or person, it is more likely that they will show up in search engine results if they have a website. So where to begin? As there are so many benefits to creating a website, here are some basic things to consider when starting out.

What will I need to begin?

The first thing to decide upon is who is going to host the website. There are many different host companies out there such as Squarespace or WordPress. They will usually have different packages that may include the option to have an online store and a domain address included. Others will require that you pay extra for a personalised domain.

There are plenty of free options out there, however, they usually have limited functions and won’t have the ability to have a personalised domain. Putting in a little bit of time and research can be a great way to decide upon which host will be best for you.

They will commonly have trial options, so you can decide if you enjoy using their interface or not. Once this is done, the next step is to include content. Common pages to include on a website are a home page, an about page, a blog page, a store or services page, a contact page, a testimonial page, and a disclaimer page.

Others will get creative and have an online members area or a quiz page. Some will have different pages for each different type of service they are offering. They key is to personalise a website around what you would imagine an ideal client or customer would like. This way, you can begin to experience the benefits of having a website.