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Why original content is so important to SEO

In the world of SEO, networking and sharing is very important. Because of this, many people will feature other people’s blogs on their website and will encourage people to share their own links to their social media pages.

While working with other relevant brands or people is important, it is also vital to focus on original content. This means that what is featured on a website is not featured anywhere else on the web.

Now, of course, every idea possible is likely to already be out there, so the key is to put a personal spin on things to ensure that they are unique. Unique content is what will make search engine sites more likely to show that site in their search results. What some don’t know is that it is also important to ensure that every single bit of content on a website isn’t duplicated. For example, some may feature their bio on their home page as well as on their about page.

A way around this duplication is to simply rewrite the bio into different words so that it is original. This is the same for product descriptions for items for sale. Even though two products sold may be very similar, it is important that their tags and descriptions are different. Focusing on never having duplicate content on a site will not only act as a SEO tool but it will also engage site visitors further.

Focus on titles and links too

While some may ensure that their written content is all original, it is also important to ensure that any headings, titles, or links are unique too. Search engine sites such as Google will pick up on all of these things and are more likely to deem a site as a reputable source (and not spam) if everything is unique.

Because of this, many like to take all of their own images for their site as well as ensure that every URL is personalised. There are some free and paid programs out there that will check a website for any duplications.

This can be a great thing to check every month or so. Furthermore, many like to hire SEO agencies to help them create unique and original writing that they can regularly feature on their site. Taking the time to focus on this can often ensure that a website is successful for a long time to come.